About Us

Welcome to "Knowledge for all" Project of instituteofeayurved.com.

This is a unique effort to gather all recordings and E Books available in ayurveda.

History of ayurveda tell us, Ayurveda lost its golden days due to unnecessary hiding of knowledge from vaidyas. Hence this Ayurveda e-Library is initiated to overcome such knowledge gape. That's why we are offering this facilities at very affordable subscriptions.

This is only possible due to tireless efforts for knowledge spreading by our renowned guru's, Vd Anant Dharmadhikari and Vd Dilip Gadgil. They are sharing their knowledge with all without any financial re-numeretion since more than 4 years, form the platform of instituteofeayurved.com

That's why we have launched Ayurveda e-Library website on "Gurupaurnima" (31 July 2015) auspicious day.

This will enhance the quality of learning Ayurveda.

This is a huge task and it's impossible to post all recording at a same time. So this will be a continuous process, and new recordings will be updated frequently.

We request you all to share valuable recordings. Be a part of knowledge spreading movement.

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